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Italian-language TV recommendation: "The Vatican Girl"

The Vatican Girl is the thrilling and horrible account of the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, a 15-year-old girl whose family lived in Vatican City, the tiny city-state of the Pope. Emanuela went missing one day after attending her music lessons across the Tiber river in Rome, and the story of her kidnapping quickly became an international news story, with links to the KGB, the Turkish Grey Wolves, and, of course, the Catholic Church and the Pope himself. This new docuseries is a disturbing look into the complex politics surrounding the Vatican. It's perfect for history buffs and true crime lovers alike.

Half the interviews are done in Italian, and half are done in English, so this show is also great for Italian learners. Make sure to give it a glance if you're planning to spend time in Rome and in the Vatican City; every single scene takes place in a recognizable touristy location, and it truly gives you a whole new perspective on those places.

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