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Italian-language TV recommendation: "From Scratch"

From Scratch is a new Netflix show about a young woman named Amy, who decides to take a break from law school in order to study art in Florence. While she's there, she meets two handsome men: Giancarlo, a rich, connected man in the art scene, and Lino, a marvelous Sicilian chef. The show is about Amy's journey figuring out what she wants out of life—and who she wants to spend it with. If you like romance, you're probably going to enjoy it.

There isn't very much spoken Italian in the show—it's primarily in English—which makes the short exchanges the characters have in Italian very manageable for beginners. The show also does a great job breaking down Italian politics and regional divides, so it's super helpful to understand more about Italian culture!

Thanks so much to Janice and Linda for the recommendation!

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