Italian Educational Resources

I've spent Fall 2020 working as a research assistant in the Italian Department at Wesleyan. My main project during this time has been researching and co-writing a new introductory textbook with my mentor, Prof. Camilla Zamboni. 

The textbook will be made publicly available online by May, 2021. Until then, feel free to poke around some other educational materials I've created!

Here's an educational interview I did with Rita Mattioli, a Bolognese chef, about food and sustainability in Bologna. The video is intended for second-semester students in the middle of a unit on food.

Downloadable Materials

"Attività di Made in Italy" is a unit designed for first-semester intermediate students which focuses on Made in Italy, a marketing trend directed at consumers outside of Italy. This unit contains grammar, vocabulary, and nine activities. 

"Lista di persone famose e interessanti da seguire su social media" is a list of Italian celebs, artists, scholars, and influencers to follow on social media to keep up your Italian skills over breaks, compiled by me. 

"Lista di film e serie tv in italiano su Netflix" is a list of Italian films and TV shows on Netflix worth watching for practice. 

"Lista di canali YouTube" is a list of Italian YouTube creators, including (but not limited to) several wonderful chefs.