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Data Analysis:


The Association Between Intent Toward Marriage Expressed in Adolescence and Marital Status among Young Adults


In Spring 2020, I did a data analysis project to determine the nature of the relationship between one's intent toward marriage, expressed early in life, and the eventual marriage outcome. To accomplish this, I used the program R to analyze a sample of survey respondents who had taken part in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (ADD Health). 

Ultimately, my results made it clear that there is no significant relationship between these two factors: the age of respondents was much more significantly associated with marital status. However, the young age of many participants at the second stage of the survey—many were as young as 22, nine years beneath the average national age of marriage—means that if this analysis were to be run again with a different, older sample, it might result in more significant findings. 

You can download my presentation on my findings below. 

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