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Welcome to the Co-op

Book and Lyrics by Hannah Berman
Music by Zoe Reifel

In Summer 2018, my friend Zoe and I decided to write a musical. Over the course of that summer and the following fall, I wrote the book and lyrics, and then we spent countless hours in Zoe's dorm room composing the music. 

Welcome to the Co-op is a two-act musical. It centers on Ted and Jane, a couple in their early thirties, who decide to join the local Park Slope Co-op, a grocery store where community members can buy goods at insanely low prices, the only setback being that they must volunteer at the store every week. There they meet Barry, a longtime volunteer and lifetime devotee to the Co-op; Dakota, a cool, young Co-op leader who can't digest gluten; and Chloe, a passionate activist who might just spell trouble for Ted and Jane's marriage. When Dakota eats a bag of chips labeled gluten free and has an allergic response, the crew decides to take action against the Co-op through protest. By turns self-aware and entirely oblivious, this silly little musical is perfect for a small production. 



S01: Pledge of Allegiance
S11: Kicked Out of the Co-op
S03: Talk to Me
S04: Parmesan

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