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Berman Bros. Cookbook

Recipes by Milly Berman
Photos and Text by Hannah Berman


My little sister Milly is a phenomenal aspiring chef. She has been writing her own recipes since the age of 5, and with a recent chef's accreditation from culinary school Roux-be, she's filled with creative ideas for new dishes. We've been working for a year or so to put together this cookbook, Berman Bros. Cookbook, which will include all of her best dishes. 

Recipes included:

Corn pasta

Vegan pad thai

Signature mac 'n' cheese

"Gestapo" gazpacho

Sweet potato curry

Milly's birthday cake 

Chocolate pudding for two

...and more! 

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 6.38.08 PM.png
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